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09/10/2018 Great news for all customers waiting for remaining Axon models. All the main Axon models are now in stock and are waiting for your orders! 

The latest production line of our open-source programmable logic controllers (PLC) UniPi Axon is now fully available on the UniPi e-shop. It is the latest generation of UniPi modular PLCs, during whose development we utilized our experience with the development and manufacturing of controllers designed for control, regulation, monitoring, remote management and other applications in the field of automation and IoT. 

New models, new features

In case you didn't hear about the Axon, we bring you a short summary of all new Axon features. The most notable innovation lies in the computing module; all Axons are powered by an industrial computer with quad-core ARM CPU and 8GB eMMC onboard memory. This feature further enhanced the already excellent UniPi products reliability, as the onboard memory is more resistant to frequent rewrites. New computing module also introduces 1Gbit Ethernet, and in the communication interface department, Axons introduce the RS232 serial line for communication with various gateways, closed technologies or HMI devices. 

Changes were made also in the number and combination of I/Os and communication interfaces. Thanks to this, the Axon model line feature several specialized models such as the S115 with four RS485 serial lines, models focused on either digital inputs and relay outputs (S205/215) or models designed for a higher number of analogue I/Os (S505/515). All mentioned models are then made in 70 × 90 × 60 mm compact size. The most versatile Axon is then the S105, which combines the compact size, 10 I/Os, two serial lines and a 1-Wire bus, achieving the best size-to-functionality ratio of all Axons. 

That, however, does not mean we forgot about larger units. The Axon M line offers a balance between convenient size and higher I/O number, while the largest Axon L line is provided with up to 70 I/Os (the highest number of I/Os in the whole Axon line) and the lowest price per I/O. 

Open software

If you are interested in software, Axons retain the software openness and a wide variety of supported software solutions. By default, all Axons are provided with pre-installed Mervis professional control software, with a license for database and proxy server access being included in each package. Aside from Mervis, customers can choose from other solutions, both commercial and open-source. And if you prefer the custom code, you can use our open-source SDK development kit for application development or an easy integration of UniPi controllers in already existing solutions. 

Next step

Are you interested in any Axon model? Visit our e-shop and order your brand-new UniPi Axon today. 

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