First Axon on the stock! The S105 is ready for delivery!

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14/8/18 Good news for all customers who pre-ordered the Axon S105 model from our brand-new Axon PLC product line! The S105 is now in stock, with first deliveries being shipped out today!

The S105 is the first Axon model on the stock. The Axon line was officially revealed in March 2018 at the Amper 2018 international trade fair. If you didn't hear about it, follow this link and learn more!

The S105 then represents the most universal Axon model, as it shares not only features common to all Axons but also features universal architecture combining several communication interfaces.

Axon S105

- 4× digital input
- 4× digital output
- 1× analogue I/O
- 2× RS485 line
- 1× RS232 line
- 1× 1-Wire bus, 1Gbit Ethernet

New computing module

The S105, much like all the other Axons is powered by 1.2GHz Allwinner H5 quad-core CPU (ARM) replacing the Raspberry Pi minicomputer known from our earlier products. Along with 1GB RAM, it provides the S105 with a high performance and extremely short response time.

The most notable difference is the memory: Instead of an external SD card Axon controllers use 8GB eMMC onboard memory, offering a better reliability during repeated rewrites.

Wide functionality

Four digital inputs read 5-40V voltage signals from devices such as digital switches, magnetic contacts, digital sensors (thermometers, flow meters etc.) and others.

Four digital outputs can be utilized for controlling various external devices (such as door locks, shutter or blinds actuators, automatic door switches etc.) through 5-50V DC voltage at 750mA max. current.

Included is also a single analogue I/O. The input can be used for measuring 0-10V DC voltage or 0-20mA current signals while the output is designed for control and regulation of multistate devices such as boilers, water heaters, three-way valves etc by 0-10V DCvoltage or 0-20mA current. It is also possible to use it for measuring resistance up to 2kΩ.

A pair of RS485 serial lines serves for serial communication with a wide range of external devices. You can also use them to connect extension modules using the Modbus protocol. A single line can communicate with up to 256 devices, making the S105 able to communicate with up to 512 devices.

A single RS232 serial line allows for an asynchronous short-range communication with various devices or gateways based on other technologies. It can be also used for connecting HMI devices such as Weintek touchscreen HMIs from our e-shop.

1-Wire bus is capable of connecting various devices based on this bus such as thermometers, humidity meters and other similar sensors.

And now the best part - we managed to place all of these features into a compact package with dimensions of only 70×90×60 mm (4 DIN modules)! This makes the S105 a PLC with an excellent size-to-performance ratio.

Pre-installed software

From the software point of view, the S105 (much as all other Axons) comes with pre-installed Mervis control software. It is our official SW platform - you can learn more about it on this link. That means you don't have to install the software manually and you can start using the S105 right away. And if Mervis will not suit your needs you can easily remove it and install any other supported software.

Next step

Axon S105 is ready for delivery, with first orders to be delivered in 10 workdays in accordance with our delivery terms. If you think the S105 is exactly what your system needs, visit our e-shop and buy it now!

But even if you prefer to wait for other Axon models, you can order them right now. Your Axon will then be delivered immediately after restocking.

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