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30/10/19 Enjoy the new option of creating a customized Neuron/Axon controller in your own design without the need for the prototype phase, significantly shortening the whole process.

The Unipi OEM programme provides our customers with an option to graphically customize Unipi controller metal chassis; the base metal chassis is coloured by a chosen colour and a highly precise laser then etches all needed graphics features (logo, type designation, I/O labels etc.).

Previously, this process took up 15 weeks due to the need to manufacture a prototype chassis first. Now, this period can be significantly shortened to only 6 weeks - all you need to do is to choose a chassis colour from the default colour palette. The default palette consists of RAL 1016, 3001, 3020, 3022, 5003, 5015, 5023, 6012, 6016, 7015, 7035, 7043, 9003 and 9005 colours. 

The default colour palette for shortened custom manufacturing

Naturally, you can still choose non-standard RAL colours outside of the default palette, these colours would however still require the prototype to confirm the feasibility of the chosen colour. Thus, the shortened OEM process applies only for default palette colours. The prototype phase can be also included per request even if you choose one of the default colour - all you need to do is to let us know. 

The shortened OEM process is already used by our customers

A customer from Sweden got in touch with Unipi with a requirement to manufacture a custom design of the Unipi Neuron S103 PLC, branded as Arctic 485. As the chosen colour was included in the default palette, it was not necessary to consult the colour choice and upon confirming the graphic template the manufacturing process could be launched right away. Due to the new option to skip the prototype phase the whole process, from payment to delivery, took less than 5 weeks. 

Arctic 485 (Neuron S103) custom controller

Interested in the OEM programme?

All the necessary info about graphic customization of Unipi controllers is available on the Neuron/Axon OEM solutions page where you can also find information about custom hardware development. 

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