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20/5/20 Integrate Jablotron security system into your Mervis project, get new possibilities for control and monitoring of your building, achieve higher comfort and reduce expenses. 

Do you use Unipi hardware in your project and you wish to combine it with an electronic security system (ESS)? The Mervis software platform, thanks to its compatibility with various technologies and communication protocols, now allows you to expand your project by the integration of the Jablotron 100 ESS. 

With the JA-121T gateway, Unipi controllers are now able to read states and variables from Jablotron control modules and use them for a variety of automation tasks, from heating optimization to automatic control of section states and peripherals. The Jablotron ESS works as a subsystem, allowing you to manage its function and states using the same control interfaces as the rest of the Mervis system (HMI, mobile app, SCADA).

What is Jablotron 100?

Jablotron 100 is an electronic security system developed by the Jablotron company. The system is controlled by a central control module communicating with the individual peripherals - motion detectors, alarm signalization, smoke detectors and other devices. 

Combination of Jablotron 100 and Mervis

Integration of the Jablotron ESS into Mervis provides you and your clients with a wide range of new options not only in smart home installations but also in the management of commercial buildings. In both cases, Unipi controllers are able to read section states and react to their changes automatically according to the current system settings. For example, the controller can disconnect the house from the electric grid in case of a fire alarm, set the lights to blink if an intruder alarm is triggered, or to arm the security system automatically when occupants leave the house. Section state changes can be also used to optimize heating, air conditioning and other devices, providing you with a huge potential to reduce energy costs. 

Mervis + Jablotron in a smart home

Commercial and office buildings

Jablotron 100 component availability

Unipi technology does not sell Jablotron security system or their components. For the list of Jablotron products please visit the manufacturer's homepage. 

How to start?

More info about Jablotron integration into Mervis can be found on this link. The entire configuration needed for connecting the Jablotron ESS to Mervis system is performed in the Mervis IDE development environment available for free on this link. Mervis IDE features a library of predefined function blocks created specifically for communication with the Jablotron ESS. The Communication between Mervis IDE and Jablotron 100 tutorial will then guide you through all steps of setting up the communication. 

If you have any relevant technical questions, feel free to get in touch with our technical support at

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