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Integrate Jablotron security system into your Mervis project, get new possibilities for control and monitoring of your building, achieve higher comfort and reduce expenses.

Do you use Unipi hardware in your project and do you wish to combine it with an electronic security system (ESS)? The Mervis software platform, thanks to its compatibility with various technologies and communication protocols, allows you to expand your project by the integration of the Jablotron 100 ESS. 

With the JA-121T gateway, Unipi controllers are able to read states and variables from Jablotron control modules and use them for a variety of automation tasks, from heating optimization to automatic control of section states and peripherals. The Jablotron ESS works as a subsystem, allowing you to manage its function and states using the same control interfaces as the rest of the Mervis system (HMI, mobile app, SCADA). 

What is Jablotron 100?

Jablotron 100 is an electronic security system developed by the Jablotron company. The system is controlled by a central control module communicating with the individual peripherals - motion detectors, alarm signalization, smoke detectors, and other devices. 

Combination of Jablotron 100 and Mervis

What is Mervis?
Mervis is a complete software platform provided for free for all Unipi controllers. Mervis IDE development environment, the core of the platform, is suitable for both beginners and experienced programmers thanks to its user-friendliness and clean design. For more info about Mervis please visit this link

Jablotron system components
Using the JA-121T gateway it is possible to integrate the following ESS information into Mervis:

  • Sections
    Individually functioning parts of the security system. Unipi controllers can be used to read section states (armed, not armed, alarm), and react to their changes or change them automatically.
  • PG
    A term describing programmable outputs that can be controlled through an Unipi PLC either by using Mervis user interfaces or automatically via section state changes.
  • Peripherals
    A peripheral is a single specific device included in the Jablotron system, whose status can be read by Unipi controllers. It can take the form of, for example, a motion sensor, smoke detector, button, or camera trap. Wireless peripherals can be also used, representing a simple method to combine Unipi PLCs with wireless technologies.

What is the Jablotron-Mervis combination good for? 

Households and apartments
By integrating Jablotron ESS into a smart home installation controlled by an Unipi PLC, you can configure the system to read section states and react to their changes automatically according to the current system setting. This can give you or your clients an opportunity to, for example, disconnect the house from the electric grid in case of a fire alarm, set the lights to blink if an intruder alarm is triggered or arm the security system automatically when occupants leave the house. Section state changes can be also used to optimize heating, air conditioning, and other devices, providing you with a huge potential to reduce energy costs. 

Practical example
When one of the house’s occupants enters the bathroom, the controller detects a state change of the bathroom motion sensor and sends a command to a hot water pump providing water for both the shower and the tap. Hot water is then available almost immediately after turning on the tap without the need to drain the cold water first. Aside from comfort improvement, this feature also helps the house owner by reducing heating costs. 

Commercial and office buildings
The possibilities for smart homes offered by the Jablotron-Mervis connection can be successfully applied to commercial buildings as well. Owners of hotels, office buildings, and other similar facilities can also decrease their energy expenses thanks to the ability of the system to automatically optimize the building’s operations based on its current occupancy (i.e. heating only occupied rooms). The system can also automatically react to emergencies by triggering visual or acoustic signals, turning an emergency lighting on, sending a notification to the building manager, etc.

Practical example
In a hotel building, each room is provided with a Jablotron magnetic contact placed onto a window. An Unipi controller monitors the state of all magnetic contacts across the hotel. If one of the contacts is opened (e.g. a window is opened), the controller will react by shutting off the room’s heating to prevent heat loss. The heating is switched back on only after the magnetic contact is closed again (e.g. the window is closed). Thanks to this arrangement the hotel owner can prevent heating losses and achieve a considerable reduction of energy expenses. 

Other examples

  • arming the ESS automatically when all occupants leave,
  • adjusting heating, lighting, and shutters/blinds based on the building’s occupancy (vacation mode vs. short-term leave)
  • switching the entire object into an emergency mode if a fire alarm or any other alarm is detected (disconnecting the object from the electric grid, blinking of lights, locking/unlocking doors, sending SMS or e-mail notification to the building manager, etc.) 

Jablotron 100 component availability

Unipi technology does not sell Jablotron security system or its components. For the list of Jablotron products please visit the manufacturer's homepage.

How to start?

The entire configuration needed to connect the Jablotron ESS to the Mervis system is performed in the Mervis IDE development environment available for free on this link. Mervis IDE features a library of predefined function blocks created specifically for communication with the Jablotron ESS. The Communication between Mervis IDE and Jablotron 100 tutorial will then guide you through all steps of setting up the communication. 

If you have any relevant technical questions, feel free to get in touch with our technical support at

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