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26/3/19 Let us introduce a brand-new line of air quality sensors combining broad connectivity, measurements of six quantities at once and compact on-wall installation.   

Basic characteristics

The RW/RLW sensor line is designed for measurements of interior air quality in houses, office buildings, schools and other similar buildings. The sensor itself is placed in a compact on-wall plastic box with IP20 protection with easy installation. Aside from the default design, customers can also purchase a special "Anti-Vandal" version made from durable anodized aluminium. A variant for interiors with higher aesthetic requirements is also available. 

All four models offered can be used to measure temperature, relative air humidity, VOC and barometric pressure with -THC models being able to also measure the carbon dioxide concentration with a LED indication (green = low CO2 concentration, red = high CO2 concentration). Currently, we are also developing a dust sensor for measuring the concentration of dust particles. 

Model overview
Model Temperature Humidity CO2 VOC Bar. pressure Dust*
RLW-TH × ×
RW-TH × ×

*dust sensor is under development

Broad connectivity

Sensors feature an onboard web server and support communication through RS485 interface (Modbus RTU protocol) Sensors can also communicate wirelessly via Wi-Fi (Modbus TCP, REST API interface) - the initial configuration can be performed in AP mode with the device subsequently operating in client mode. RLW-TH and RLW-THC models then support the LoRaWAN wireless technology featuring a combination of long signal range and very low energy consumption. The product will be delivered with a free Mervis database licence. 

Model RS485 Wi-Fi LoRaWAN


A screenshot of the web server interface

Technical parameters

Basic characteristics
Power supply 5-24V DC, 250ma
(microUSB/terminal box)
Dimensions 120×80×25 mm
Installation on-wall installation box (IP20)


Measurement parameters
Air temperature -40°C / +85°C
Relative air humidity 0-90% RH non-condensing
CO2 concentration 0 - 10 000 ppm
VOC concentration IAQ Index 0-500
Barometric pressure 300 - 1100 hPa
Solid particle concentration 
(PM10, PM2.5)
0,0 - 999,9 μg/m3


Inputs & Outputs
Digital output max. 24V DC 50mA


Communication interfaces
Wi-Fi (AP client) 802.11 b/g/n 2,4 GHz (REST API)
LoRaWAN Class A, 14dBm, SF 7-12, 868 MHz 
(ABT support, OTAA activation)
RS485 Modbus RTU

Further info

The development of the mentioned sensors is nearing its finish. Info about the availability of sensors will be published on our webpage in the News section and will be also sent in one of our regular newsletters to which you can subscribe on this link. 

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