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25/3/19 From 19th to 22nd March 2019, the UniPi.technology team attended th AMPER 2019 international trade fair was held in the Brno Exhibition Centre (Czech Republic)

The AMPER 2019 international trade fair of electronics and electrotechnics was the third edition o AMPER attended by the UniPi.technology team. While the previous AMPER trade fairs saw the introduction of new UniPi product lines (the UniPi Neuron line in 2017 and the UniPi Axon line in 2018), the UniPi's booth no. 1.56 in Hall P offered its visitors several new additions to the UniPi inventory:

  • a brand new line of wireless sensors for measurements of humidity, temperature, odours, barometric pressure and carbon dioxide concentration, featuring broad connectivity including the LoRaWAN wireless technology
    (available from June 2019)
  • three new models of the UniPi Axon product line featuring LTE modules, allowing the controller to send notifications, e-mails or error messages through the LTE network 
    (available from June 2019)
  • a new release of the Mervis IDE currently under development, which will allow its users to create Mervis SCADA projects and to export them into the Mervis mobile app 
    (available from June 2019)

During the four days of the trade fair, the UniPi booth was visited by more than 100 companies active in the wide variety of fields. Our products and solutions attracted the attention of representatives of installation companies, software developers, educational institutions, industrial companies and other companies active in the field of IoT and IIoT. Aside from companies, the booth was also visited by many regular visitors interested in the latest developments in electronics and electrotechnics. 

On behalf of the whole UniPi.technology team, we wish to thank all visitors of our booth for their visit and their interest. We look forward to meeting you either on the AMPER 2020 or on one of the events held by UniPi.technology. Thank you for your favour! 

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