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2/4/2019 The development never stops! Let us introduce the latest addition to our inventory - three brand-new UniPi Axon models with LTE modules.

On the AMPER 2019 international trade fair, the team presented three brand-new UniPi Axon models - Axon S165, Axon M265 and Axon M565. As the name suggests, these models are based on highly successful S105, M205 and M505 models, but also possess an additional functionality in the form of a module for LTE wireless communication. 

What is new and what remains the same?

The mentioned models are the first ever variants featuring LTE modules. This module allows the controller to connect to the high-speed LTE network and its addition required a slight change in the hardware architecture. One of the RS485 serial lines was relocated, while the RS232 was removed. On their place a microSIM card slot and a LTE module were added along with a mount for a removable antenna. The antenna will be shipped as part of the package, but users will also have the option to use larger external antennas. 

   Axon S165 Axon M265  Axon M565 
Digital inputs 4 20 10
Digital outputs 4 4 4
Relay outputs - 14 5
Analogue inputs 1 1 5
Analogue outputs 1 1 5
RS485 serial lines 2 2 3
1-Wire bus 1 1 1
Size 4 DIN 8 DIN  8 DIN

New possible uses

In S165, M265 and M565 models, the TOBY-L2 LTE chip was used

Chip model u-blox TOBY-L2
Download speed up to 150 Mb/s
Upload speed up to 50 Mb/s
LTE bandwidth up to 6 bands
GSM/GPRS bandwidth up to 4 bands
up to 5 bands


LTE controllers can be used for sending SMS messages, e-mails, notifications and status alerts into your smartphone. If your project is dependent on a stable network connection, LTE controllers can also serve as a secondary web access point in cases of an Ethernet network failure. During the development, the user-friendliness was heavily accented; as a result of this effort, the LTE functionality will be fully supported by the Mervis software platform. On the OS Linux level, the LTE module will be then accessible as an additional serial line with you having to set up only an APN (access point name) and a PIN code. 

Further info

The S165/M265/M565 LTE development is currently in its last stage and products will be available for sale very soon. If you are interested in testing LTE controllers sooner, send us an e-mail to info@unipi.technologyThe availability of LTE controllers will be also announced in the News section and in our regular newsletters; if you want to subscribe to our newsletters, click on this link

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