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23/10/18 Information, tutorials, an online depository for files regarding UniPi products - all of this organized on a single website. That is the description of the brand-new UniPi Knowledge Base, designed to be a useful hardware and software assistant for you and your project.


In the Software section, the largest part is dedicated to the Mervis, our main supported software solution. There, you can find detailed info about all components of Mervis, from the Mervis IDE to Mervis SCADA interface. If you’re thinking about Mervis as your future software solution, you found the right place! If you, however, already use Mervis, the Tutorials section will be especially useful for you. This section will guide you through your first steps in Mervis and will explain both basic and advanced operations in the system through comprehensible step-by-step manuals and a large number of Mervis screenshots.

Aside from Mervis, the Knowledge Base also contains basic info both about other supported software solutions and the SDK development kit for custom code integration.

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Hardware section

In the Hardware section, you can find descriptions and images of all UniPi PLC models and their extensions; the section will provide you with a basic info about UniPi Neuron, UniPi Axon and UniPi 1.1 PLCs including the list of available models, I/O numbers and other useful info. Hardware info also contains a brief manual for connecting 1-Wire sensors offered by UniPi.

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Files & Downloads

Aside from manuals and tutorials, UniPi Knowledge also features a depository for all necessary files regarding UniPi’s hardware or software. The Products subsection contains the technical documentation for all UniPi PLCs, user manuals, extension manuals and also Modbus register maps.

The Software subsection then stores files for all supported software platforms; here, you can find OS images for controllers, most recent Mervis IDE releases and also showcase Mervis projects. Last but not least, this section contains a set of useful tools for easy UniPi device management, such as the SD card formatting tool or the Extension Updater for easy extension module firmware updates.

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