Introducing the xG1W-2 1-wire gateway + survey!

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09.01.2018 Are you using our Neuron units with 1-Wire sensors and one 1-Wire bus is no longer enough? We now have a simple solution! At the same time, we would like to ask you to participate in our survey regarding a type of 1-Wire connector we are using. 

Introducing the xG1W-2 gateway

Let us introduce a brand new dual-channel xG1W-2 1-wire gateway.  It is a small and compact device with minimal space requirements in distribution box. Despite its minute size, the gateway offers a variety of functions. Thanks to a dual-channel 1-Wire bus, the gateway can collect and process values from up to 40 thermal sensors, humidity sensors, light intensity sensors, iButton keys and many more 1-Wire accessories. For sending processed data into your control unit, the gateway is then equipped with an RS485 serial bus and RS232 bus using the Modbus RTU protocol - each of which can be used individually or in parallel.

For settings and configuration a 1-Wire-GWY-TOOL application is used, allowing an easy management of connected sensors via a standard USB interface. The gateway itself is also provided with a set of LED diodes. These are used as traffic indicators for the RS485 and RS232 buses and to indicate connection of sensors on both 1-Wire channels.

The xG1W-2 is already available on our e-shop, where you can also find technical parameters and a full documentation, so don't hesitate and purchase the gateway right now! 


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