Orochi Avenir at IOT World Conference Tokyo

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Thinking about a trip to Japan? We have a tip for you! On Monday, 23rd October 2017 all IOT enthusiasts will have the opportunity to visit the IOT World Conference 2017 in Tokyo.

Representatives from various Japanese technological companies will attend the event, holding speeches regarding all aspects of IOT technology, its applications and effects on the modern industry.

Apart from the conference itself, a large exhibition will take place in the Sola City Conference Center in Tokyo, hosting various companies showcasing their latest technological advancements. The Avenir company will attend the exhibition as well, demonstrating the Orochi control unit. How is this related to UniPi? It's simple - the Orochi is a customized variant of our well-known Neuron S103! Speaking of which - we were able to deliver Avenir's Orochi units from the Czech Republic to Japan in just 40 hours! Talk about express delivery!

So if you don't have any plans for next Monday, visit Avenir's stand to see our Neurons Japanese cousin in action!




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