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09.01.2018 Are you using our Neuron units with 1-Wire sensors and one 1-Wire bus is no longer enough? We now have a simple solution! At the same time, we would like to ask you to participate in our survey regarding a type of 1-Wire connector we are using. 

Introducing the xG1W-2 gateway

Let us introduce a brand new dual-channel xG1W-2 1-wire gateway.  It is a small and compact device with minimal space requirements in the distribution box. Despite its minute size, the gateway offers a variety of functions. Thanks to a dual-channel 1-Wire bus, the gateway can collect and process values from up to 40 thermal sensors, humidity sensors, light intensity sensors, iButton keys and many more 1-Wire accessories. For sending processed data into your control unit, the gateway is then equipped with an RS485 serial bus and RS232 bus using the Modbus RTU protocol - each of which can be used individually or in parallel.

For settings and configuration, a 1-Wire-GWY-TOOL application is used, allowing an easy management of connected sensors via a standard USB interface. The gateway itself is also provided with a set of LED diodes. These are used as traffic indicators for the RS485 and RS232 buses and to indicate the connection of sensors on both 1-Wire channels.

The xG1W-2 is already available on our e-shop, where you can also find technical parameters and a full documentation, so don't hesitate and purchase the gateway right now! 

Survey: Type of 1-Wire connector

We in are constantly improving our products to fulfil the demands of our customers, and your feedback is very helpful in this effort.

Until now, UniPi Neuron has been using standard RJ-45 connectors for the 1-Wire bus connection. Recently, however, we noticed an increasing demand for the possibility to connect the 1-Wire devices via screw terminals. We would thus like to know your opinion on which type of connection we should implement in our products in the future, i.e. whether to continue using the RJ-45 or introduce screw terminals.

If you are interested in joining the survey, all you need to do is to click on this link

The survey will be active until 16th January 2018. We will then evaluate your answers and publish the survey's results on our webpage

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and your interest in improving our products and services. 

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