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11/09/18 13th September 2018 marks the 256th day of the year. This day is celebrated as Programmers' Day - a symbolic appreciation of programmers all across the world and their work. This year, UniPi will not miss out and joins with a special discount on selected products.

Computer and information technologies are an integral part of the 21st century. However, no computer, smarthpone or any other modern device could ever work without some kind of software. No software could be then created without the work and skill of countless programmers all across the world who make computer technology accessible to all people.

The Programmers' Day was created to celebrate and commemorate the crucial role of all programmers. This day is held each 256th day in year - this number was not chosen randomly, as it represents a number of values of a 8-bit byte, a basic unit of memory in many computer architectures.

Programmers have their place in the world of automation as well especially at, as our customers can freely program our products thanks to the open nature of our software. That is why we join the celebration with our special event.

From Tuesday, 11th September 2018 to Sunday, 16th September 2018, a 25.6% discount will apply for the UniPi 1.1 and UniPi 1.1 Lite.

UniPi 1.1

  • 14 digital inputs (12+2)
  • 8 relay outputs
  • 2 analog inputs
  • 1 analog output
  • 1-Wire bus
  • I2C port, UART port
  • RTC battery slot

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UniPi 1.1 Lite

  • 6 digital inputs
  • 6 relay outputs
  • 1-Wire bus

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Note: The discount applies only for expansion boards and does not include complete or starter sets. The discount applies only for retail purchases and cannot be combined with any other discount or special event.

UniPi 1.1 is an expansion board for Raspberry Pi computer, allowing it to function as a programmable logic controller (PLC). It is a cheap and simpl solution featuring a combination of digital inputs, analog I/Os, relay outputs and basic communication interfaces - all of it on a single PCB board utilizing Raspberry Pi as a computing module. UniPi 1.1 Lite then represents a scaled-down version of the UniPi 1.1 with reduced I/O number, but with more compact size.

Open software

From the software point of view all UniPi controllers are fully open devices - a feature valuable especially for programmers. Thus, if you purchase any of our PLCs (including UniPi 1.1/1.1 Lit), you are not limited to a single software platform. In fact you can choose one of a wide variety of software solutions, ranging from official platforms to open-source solutions. A software overview can be found on this link.

Thanks to our EVOK open-source application programming interface (API), you can easily combine our products and your code. Programming possibilities of the Unipi are then limited only by your ideas.

If you are interested in the UniPi 1.1 or 1.1 Lite, then don't hesitate, visit our e-shop and start programming today!

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