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7/8/19 Let us introduce the new logo of Unipi technology. This change will allow us to more accurately represent our products and efforts.

Aside from our website the new logo will be gradually added to all printed and online materials, documents and products

Reason for the change

The original logo depicted a raspberry, pointing to the fact that both Unipi 1.1 and Unipi Neuron products used the Raspberry Pi computer as their computing module. However, as our products developed the Raspberry Pi is no longer the only computing module used in our gateways/controllers. Our latest PLC product line, the UniPi Axon, is powered by an industrial computer featuring Allwinner H5 CPU and onboard eMMC memory and is not related to Raspberry Pi in any way. Due to this reason we searched for a new logo to prevent any confusion among customers

Comparison of the old and the new logo on Unipi Neuron S103 controller

What the new logo represents?

Our new logo is based on Unipi technology initials, which are connected by a part of the circuitry.

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