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Three new models of the Patron product line with LTE modem are available in stock, see which ones and what they can do.

Programmable logic controllers (PLC) Unipi Patron are powered by an Unipi-developed computing module (Unipi Zulu) based on the NXP i.MX 8M Mini quad-core CPU with a maximum frequency of 1.8 GHz, 1 GB RAM, and onboard 8 GB eMMC memory to provide high computing performance and reliability. This makes Patron products the most powerful compact PLCs available on the market.

The new S167, M267, and M567 models available in stock are equipped with an LTE modem and a microSIM slot, which allow the PLC to be connected to the Internet via a wireless LTE network. The controller can also send and receive SMS. Support in Mervis solution is expected in late May or early June.

Advantages of LTE Patron units

  • The LTE module by Quectel manufacturer falls into category 1 and its maximum speed is 10 Mbit/5 Mbit. This is sufficient even for most demanding projects, such as data storage within Mervis SCADA.
  • Allows you to seamlessly switch between wired (Ethernet) and wireless (LTE) Internet access and use LTE as backup connectivity. For example, if the Ethernet connection fails, the unit will automatically use the LTE network.
  • Thanks to the wireless LTE modem, it is also ideal in remote or hard-to-reach locations that do not have a wired internet connection.
  • Unipi Patron LTE controllers are equipped in a basic set with an external LTE antenna with a magnetic mount. The location of the antenna outside the metal switchboard ensures much greater connection reliability. As a second option, we offer a larger, on-wall mounted external LTE antenna, which is suitable for places with a very weak signal.

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