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16/1/19 Great news for all users of the Homebridge platform. Thanks to a plugin made by one of our users, UniPi Neuron is now compatible with Homebridge as well! 

The HomeKit IoT platform developed by the Apple company was created as a communication protocol for IoT peripherals, allowing the user to interconnect various smart devices sharing the protocol and to control them via a mobile app or a voice assistant. For the option to use devices from different vendors, the Homebridge open-source platform was then created - this platform is based on a Node.js runtime and emulates the HomeKit OS API for connection of otherwise incompatible devices.)

And now, thanks to a Homebridge plugin created by one of the users, UniPi Neuron controllers can be connected to a HomeKit network as well. The plugin was made using the EVOK open-source application programming interface (API). The plugin gives the user access to all available features of the controller, displaying them as a single HomeKit device for easy control. The current version allows the user to control digital inputs, digital outputs, relays and user LEDs. 

Plugin's author also added some additional functionality such as relay timer - this feature can be used to keep the relays switched for a given time period including very short intervals. Relay timer can be useful especially when combined with impulse relays. Among other additional functions are a virtual impulse relay or a virtual contact sensor indicating the connection status of EVOK. 

A current version of the Neuron control interface. 

Homebridge plugin can serve as an example of UniPi hardware's software openness; users are not limited to a single software solution and can choose from both commercial and open-source solutions. Alternatively, the SDK development kit (including EVOK API) can be used either to integrate UniPi controllers into already existing networks or to combine them with custom code or third-party software platforms. 

The plugin is freely accessible on a GitHub repository. On this link, a complete description of the plugin can be found, including installation instructions. 

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