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30/10/20 We are extending the list of products on Unipi e-shop by new pSLC memory cards with extended lifespan and enhanced durability. Learn more about their advantages over MLC and SLC memory cards. 

In Unipi products, microSD memory cards are used mainly for Unipi 1.1 and Unipi Neuron controllers that use the cards as storage for an operating system and all the data needed for controller startup and operation. Until now, you could choose between two options - the standard 16GB MLC memory card suitable for smaller projects, development and prototyping, and 2GB industrial SLC card designed for demanding environments. 

But which card type should you choose for applications with frequent rewrites (such as storing data into a database) for which the MLC card’s lifespan is too short and SLC cards are expensive? The new 4GB Swissbit S-46u pSLC memory card is the solution.

4GB Swissbit S-46u pSLC memory card with an extended lifespan
- memory capacity: 4 GB
- operating temperature: -25/+85°C
- read performance: 46 MB/s
- write performance: 41 MB/s
- lifespan: up to 20 000 rewrites
- an option to approximate the remaining lifespan
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The card is based on the MLC technology, but emulates features of the SLC architecture, gaining the major advantages of both technologies. When compared to MLC cards, the pSLC card offers several times longer lifespan while having a significantly lower price than SLC cards. That said, the S-46u represents a favourable compromise between durability and price suitable for all applications with higher demands on reliability.

Visit this link for a comparison of the individual microSD card types and more info about their features.

Further info

The Swissbit S-46u card is already available on our e-shop. The card is available as a standalone product and as an optional part of the package for Unipi Neuron controllers.

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