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Power Supply for DIN rail - 24V, 1.5A


Meanwell HDR-30-24 DIN rail power supply rated at 24V DC @ 1.5A. Recommended for Neuron and Axon products. 

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Mean Well HDR-30-24 power supply is recommended as a power source for all Unipi Neuron and Unipi Axon controllers. The power supply is designed for installation onto a DIN rail, its full technical specifications are available in the product datasheet (see below). 

Note: The HDR-30-24 cannot be used for Unipi 1.1 and Unipi 1.1 Lite controllers. For these products, either the 5V power supply or the Mean Well HDR-15-5 power supplies are recommended instead. 


Technological specification of the product

Current range 0 ~ 1.5 A
Dimensions 90 mm × 35 mm × 58.4 mm
Rated Current 1.5 A
Weigth 260 g
DC Voltage 24 V
Rated power 36 W
Model name DR-30-24
Manufacturer Meanwell