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Thanks to the software openness of our products customers are not limited to officially supported platforms but can choose from a wide range of third-party software solutions.

Commercial solutions

The platforms mentioned below are developed by third-party developers and Unipi technology does not provide technical support for them. In case of technical issues please contact the corresponding third-party technical support.

A professional software platform designed specifically for application in modern industrial automation. CODESYS is used daily by more than 100 000 users from all over the world. The platform offers applications for bus system implementation and a wide selection of extensions including tools for project engineering.

Note: The third-party CODESYS plugin for Unipi PLCs was discontinued by its author. Please contact support@cososo.co.uk in case of any inquiries. On Unipi Neuron controllers, CODESYS can still be used via the Modbus TCP interface.

Software designed for the development of industrial automation solutions. Compatibility with the Matlab®-Simulink® gives its users the option to perform simulations before the project’s deployment. This feature is especially useful for extensive projects requiring the option to add new components on the run.

Open-source solutions

Open solutions provide their users with wide customization options in exchange for the lack of technical support. Not all platforms are also guaranteed to be fully compatible with Unipi hardware. 

A user-friendly programming tool which utilizes a flow-based programming approach. This method describes application behaviour through a chain of nodes with each node having a predefined function. Node-RED is an ideal choice for quick development and prototyping. It also supports the integration of AWS cloud services or the creation of responsive user interfaces. 

Note: Unipi provides a Node-RED operating system image and partial technical support covering Unipi hardware preparation for Node-RED implementation. 

A simple solution for smart home offering a user-friendly interface and a wide selection of extension modules. HomeAssistant is also strongly orientated towards user security by using a local-only control interface and featuring support of dynamic DNS and encrypted communication.

Simple platform designed specifically for home automation. FHEM is an ideal choice for automation of lighting, shutters or heating.

Home automation solution based on node.js. Pimatic features unified control interface, rule-based control logic programming, remote system management through a web browser and a wide range of extensions adding new functions and HW/SW integration options.    

A solution tailored for home automation, Domoticz is designed for compatibility with various operating systems and features a scalable HTML5-based user interface that adapts to any screen size, be it on computers or mobile devices. Aside from control and configuration of external devices the platform also allows for reading data from various sensors and meters

The first fully standardized open-source software for PLC. OpenPLC was created as an inexpensive and simple industrial solution for automation and research. The solution adheres to the IEC 61131-3 PLC programming standard and features a user interface editor besides its development environment.

A highly flexible smart home solution whose main advantage is its ability to interconnect devices and systems regardless of their vendors and to control them from a single control interface.

Advanced open IoT solution whose main goal is to provide its users with a large collection of tools, libraries and services for home automation. Aside from the control software itself Nymea also includes a cloud database and the Nymea:ux application for creating custom user interfaces.

Software created as a bridge between Apple HomeKit IoT platform and non-compatible devices. Homebrigde emulates the HomeKit’s API and allows its users to use Apple mobile app or voice assistant to control devices from different vendors.

The D2000 from IPESOFT is a comprehensive real-time platform designed for creating smart industrial IT solutions. Technology enables the easy development of your own industrial applications. The D2000 offers a set of advanced tools for integrating machines, devices, systems, and people according to the smart factory and smart home and concepts. The platform represents technology ready for Industry 4.0.

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