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Open and fully documented application programming interface (API) gives you the option to quickly and easily implement all Unipi controllers into already existing software solutions.

Open API

Aside from Mervis, our officially supported software platform, an open API is provided for all Unipi controllers. API serves as direct access to all I/Os and communication interfaces of Unipi PLCs, representing a quick and easy way to implement your software or third-party solution into Unipi hardware. 

OS Linux

Unipi controllers are based on the Linux open-source operating system, which is regularly updated to ensure maximum reliability and security. 



Unipi-developed set of web service APIs for easy access to all I/Os and communication interfaces of Unipi controllers and extension modules. EVOK supports a wide range of communication protocols and allows easy implementation of Unipi hardware into both new and existing software solutions. More detailed info about EVOK is available on this link

Modbus TCP Server

Standard communication interface for controlling PLC inputs and outputs through the Modbus TCP protocol.

Learn more about Modbus TCP Server


A driver designed for accessing inputs/outputs on a filesystem level. SysFS is useful especially for quick development and debugging of programs, or for integration into programs running directly on Unipi controllers.

Learn more about SysFS

Node-RED – example of a third-party solution

Node-RED is an open platform for quick application development using preprogrammed nodes. The solution is suitable especially for quick development, prototyping or creating responsive user interfaces connected to cloud services. For Node-RED, Unipi provides operating system image and partial technical support. More info about the solution is available on this link.

For a list of other available third-party software solutions please visit this link.

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