REXYGEN is an advanced tool for design and implementation of complex control systems. It consists of two parts: the development tools and the runtime system. The control algorithms are composed of individual function blocks, which are available in the extensive function block library.

The REXYGEN is suitable for developing industrial automation solutions. For example, the compatibility with Matlab®-Simulink® platform allows the user to perform simulation prior to the project deployment. This feature is useful especially for extensive projects requiring the possibility to add new components during the system operation. 


The basic component of REXYGEN is the RexCore runtime core. The core runs on the controller, performs .rex binary files translations and executes algorithms. It also gives the user access to input/output signals using a set of I/O drivers. 

The second key component is REXYGEN Studio development environment, featuring three main tools 

> RexDraw – Graphic configuration tool
> RexView – Diagnostic tool providing the user with detailed information about currently running control scheme
> RexComp – Built-in compiler for compiling files designed in RexDraw into binary files. 

Users can use this environment to create and develop control algorithms, configure I/O signals and transfer finished projects into devices. For the algorithm programming, the platform uses a graphic development environment, utilizing function blocks according to the IEC 61131-3 standard. REXYGEN Studio also features built-in extensive library including various tools - timers, filters, PID controllers etc. 

REXYGEN also offers a built-in web server and an option to create either automatically generated or custom-designed HMI. REXYGEN HMI utilizes the HTML5 protocol and can be displayed in all common web browsers. The interface can be used through desktop, smartphone or tablet and is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. 

REXYGEN basic features

> Supports the OPC industrial standard
Supports Java - can be used for creating HMI and virtual labs
WebSocket communication support
> Open and easily accessible system
Option to development of new function blocks
> Supports new I/O devices
Supports real-time OS (Windows CE, Windows Embedded, Linux/Xenomai,…)

Useful links

REXYGEN homepage
Manual and documentation for REXYGEN and UniPi 1.1
Project examples on GitHub