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Among its features, the Mervis software platform offers you the support of up to 11 protocols for communication with a wide range of devices from different vendors.

Mervis, the officially supported software for Unipi programmable logic controllers, supports a wide range of communication protocols, from the standard Modbus protocol to specialized protocols such as BACnet or M-Bus. That gives you the option to extend your project by the integration of devices from other vendors, significantly widening your options. 

Overview of supported protocols

Name Protocol description
AMiT DB-Net/IP Enables communication with regulators, control systems, and other devices made by the AMiT company, allowing you to easily integrate them into any part of the Mervis platform (ie. Mervis SCADA or Mervis DB). You can also utilize Unipi controllers as gateways between AMiT technologies and other protocols (ie. BACnet or Modbus).
BACnet BACnet (Building Automation and Control Networks) is a set of protocols designed to simplify communication between devices within building management systems. One of the main BACnet’s advantages is the possibility of unified communication between various types of devices, from switches to thermostats to heat recovery ventilation. The “Autodiscovery” integral function then allows easy detection of connected devices. More info about BACnet is available on this link.
IEC 62056-21 One of the protocols used for reading data from energy meters. The support of this protocol provides Unipi controllers with the option to communicate with energy meters via RS485 interface.
Jablotron 100 Jablotron 100 is a protocol for communication with the Jablotron 100 security system via RS485 using the JA-121T. Control programs for Unipi PLCs can be thus extended by section states (armed, disarmed, alarm), peripherals (motion sensor, smoke detector, button, or camera trap), or programmable outputs (PG). More info about Jablotron 100 integration is available on this link.
M-Bus One of the most widely spread protocols for reading data from energy meters. The protocol allows for a simple interpretation of data collected from calorimeters, water meters, energy meters, and other similar devices. Unipi controllers can communicate with M-Bus devices by using RS485/M-Bus gateways available on our e-shop. Learn more on this link.
Modbus Even after more than 50 years since its introduction, Modbus is still the most frequently used protocol for data exchange between two or more devices. The protocol supports communication either via RS485 serial bus (Modbus RTU) or using Ethernet (Modbus TCP). One of its main advantages, aside from its widespread availability, is its simple implementation and configuration.
1-Wire A communication bus designed for the low-speed transmission of digital signals. 1-Wire is most frequently used to read data from sensors of temperature or other quantities. A major advantage of the bus is the low component cost compared to analog sensors. The 1-Wire bus is available on most Unipi controllers. For more info, please visit this link.
SoftPLC A native protocol of the SoftPLC development environment used for Domat PLC programming. Unipi controllers are thus able to communicate with older Domat regulators and PLCs.
SSCP The native protocol of Mervis is used for all internal communication. Its main advantage is providing data exchange between multiple PLC within a single application, including remote communication via Mervis Proxy.
SMA-net A proprietary protocol for communication with solar inverters made by the SMA company. Support of this protocol allows you to integrate SMA photovoltaic devices into your Mervis project. 

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