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A customer from Italy uses Unipi controllers in regulation and monitoring projects for commercial buildings. 

One of our customers in Italy uses Unipi Neuron and Unipi Axon programmable logic controllers for a wide array of automation tasks ranging from building automation to lighting control to HVAC monitoring and regulation. Among his clients are a private clinic and a large hotel in Rome.

In such projects, the Unipi controllers are used to control bleed valves and manifolds. Controllers also control and regulate water pumps, hot water manifolds and fan coils. In summer months, they can be also used for control of air conditioning units and cooling in facilities such as conference rooms, storage halls or operating theatres.

The control logic used in these projects is created in the Mervis software platform,  which is provided for each Unipi controller. A web interface was also created using the built-in HMI editor for remote management of the projects. 

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