Control and monitoring of a water treatment plant or biogas injection station with the Unipi Patron controller

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HUTIRA uses Unipi Patron PLC and Mervis SCADA in its HUCS measurement and control system. The HUCS system can control pumps and motors with temperature or pressure data acquisition.

The Czech company HUTIRA s.r.o. operates in the gas, water and energy sectors, which enables a wide range of products and services. It follows the tradition of HUTIRA - BRNO, s.r.o., which has been operating on the market for over 30 years. It emphasizes the provision of quality products and services. HUTIRA cares above all for environmental friendliness, expressed in its main motto "with respect for nature." 


The aim was to obtain a complex control unit for control and data acquisition with a specific number of inputs and outputs. The customer required a unit that would control a system to increase operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs for facilities in the water, gas and energy sectors. 


The HUCS measurement and control system is an excellent solution for controlling pumps, motors or valves, including the collection of flow, temperature or pressure data. The modular design of the HUCS system allows for easy expansion and customization according to customer needs. Its key benefits include:  
  • user-friendly SCADA software 
  • full system control from anywhere in the world 
  • automatic fault notifications via SMS and email 
  • system scalability and ease of implementation 

The HUCS system implements state-of-the-art sensors that measure: 
  • temperature 
  • pressure 
  • flow rate 
  • level height 
  • pH value 
  • free chlorine value 

New sensors and devices can be easily added, making the system a versatile and flexible solution for different applications. 

"We are currently using the system at the plants we supplied - 10 water treatment plants, a biogas injection plant and a wastewater treatment plant. We are also preparing applications for other biogas injection stations and gas control stations."  
– Lukáš Machálek; Sales/Project Manager 

The result of the combination of innovative technologies and experience of Unipi and HUTIRA is a comprehensive system for efficient heating control or water quality monitoring. In the HUCS system, the Unipi Patron S117 unit controls connected devices and measures temperature or other values.

Four RS485 serial lines are a unique feature of the Unipi Patron S117, they can link many devices and support a combination of different communication protocols.

The controller sends the acquired data to the intuitive Mervis SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software tool, which allows remote control and management by supervisors and less experienced users. A user-friendly mobile app and web interface are available for control, allowing different user permission levels to be set, giving full control of the system. With remote control and monitoring capabilities, observing equipment in real-time from anywhere is easy. 

Next steps 

"We are working on the implementation of a HUCS control system using Unipi products to monitor and control CLA-VAL water control valves equipped with a flow turbine. This unique solution will enable customers to remotely control pressure zones and monitor flow rates even in areas without power connections via a GSM network, thanks to the turbine."  
– Tomáš Knotek; Head of Measurement and Control 

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