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A customer from the Czech Republic utilizes the Axon S105 controller as a gateway between the Siemens Simatic controller and Mervis SCADA service. 

Aside from control, regulation and monitoring, the Unipi controllers are also widely used as communication gateways, enabling remote control of technologies that do not feature this option on their own. 

Example of such an application is a project of the ENERGOCENTRUM PLUS, s.r.oCzech company installed for a company focused on the development and manufacture of automotive components. Based on the client's requirements, a Siemens Simatic ET200SP control system was installed for controlling a cooling system of a new plastic stamping plant in Most, Czech Republic. The client also required a secure connection to the Mervis SCADA service for remote monitoring of the cooling system. For these purposes, the Unipi Axon S105 controller was installed.

Unipi controllers are based on an open Linux operating system, which allows the implementation of various communication protocols (Bacnet, Modbus etc.) directly into the controllers. This feature also allowed the developers to implement the OPC UA protocol into the Axon. Through this protocol, a secure connection is maintained for transmitting operating data into the SCADA without the need for public IP address or port forwarding. 

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