Controlling heating in commercial and apartment buildings with Unipi controllers

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 A customer from Spain installed Neuron controllers in 200 boiler rooms. The controllers monitor and regulate the heating systems, saving the building owners both time and money. 

Remica S.A. is a Spanish company focused on design, installation and service of HVAC systems. Since 1998, the company has been also active in the field of energy consumption optimization intending to reduce running costs of family houses, commercial buildings and industrial facilities. 

In the boiler room control project, the company is using Unipi Neuron controllers as gateways for various external devices (boilers, circulation pumps, AC units, three-way valves etc.). Originally, the project used Neuron M503, L503 and L513 controllers, which were recently replaced by the successive M523 L523, and L533. The controllers are also supplemented by Unipi Extension modules if needed. According to the company’s representative, the Neuron controllers were selected because of their flexibility, favourable price and high computing power. As such, they feature larger potential than controllers from other vendors. 


Aside from the aforementioned external devices, that are integrated into the system through Fieldbus protocol, the controllers also read data from various sensors (pressure meters, thermometers, energy meters). This data is then used to regulate the entire system while sending data to a BMS cloud platform at the same time. 

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