Building management system based on Neuron and Axon controllers

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A customer from Belgium uses UniPi controllers as a hardware platform for its Building Management System software apps.

One of the more frequent uses of UniPi controllers is the role of gateways and controllers in Building Management Systems (BMS). In such systems controllers serve as a bridge between software applications and hardware devices, centralising the control and monitoring of various building sub-systems (security, HVAC, lighting, access system etc.) into one or more programmable logic controllers.

BMS applications are also the focus of the Belgium-based Spatiodata company, using UniPi Neuron and UniPi Axon controllers as gateways. In a typical installation, various sensors and metering devices are connected to the controller (gas meters, air quality sensors, thermostat values etc.). Spatiodata applications also allow interconnecting several systems using different communication protocols; as a result, devices using Modbus, eBus, M-Bus, EnOcean and other protocols can be also connected to the system.

Collected data can be used for monitoring of various values (energy consumption, CO2 concentration, the temperature in individual rooms etc.), or can be processed and utilized for controlling other devices. Using the input data, controllers can then regulate HVAC, control smart locks or switch shutters, blinds and lighting.

Classroom automation can be used as an example of Spatiodata’s work. The facility owner requested the company to automate both heating and lighting in order to decrease and optimize energy consumption. Delivered solution based on an UniPi controller uses a combination of movement sensors and an access system to determine whether or not the particular room is occupied. If the room is used, the controller then switches on the lights and regulates temperature. After the room is left, the controller then switches the lights and heating off to prevent energy waste.

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