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Use of PLC units for data center building management system and increasing its energetic efficiency.

 The data centre project was the first to use our UniPi control unit. The UniPi is used as a "brain" of monitoring and ecological management system of our datacenter. The system uses waste heat from the server room for building's central heating, including water heating system. 

The system is controlled through EVOK - our open-source API with a web-based interface accessible through our local network. The system evaluates received data from digital thermometers, motion sensors and digital and analogue inputs strategically placed across the building and adjusts the heating to achieve the highest possible efficiency, using statistics and predictions. 

System controls:

  • watering systems
  • access control
  • automated shutters
  • lighting control
  • access gate
  • cooling and environment regulation of the server room
  • an integrated surveillance camera system

Integrated access system allows for easy management of employee attendance. Locks of all offices are equipped with magnetic locks, which can be unlocked by a web interface, or by personal RFID token.  

Screenshot from web GUI - the heating distribution system

Electric energy consumption statistics