Disinfection thermal chamber for the elimination of harmful insects, including wood borers with Unipi Gate

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Edima Solutions has streamlined the disinfection chamber with Unipi Gate. The unit optimizes operations, collects data, and allows its visualization. Non-toxic insect extermination is thus maximally effective.

Edima Solutions helps the industrial companies to digitalize and optimize their processes. It offers comprehensive and easy-to-use solutions that enable businesses to increase productivity and maximize the value of their data. Edima Solutions' services focus on monitoring systems, allowing companies to track and analyze operational data for better decision-making. In recent months, they also focused on developing a platform using generative artificial intelligence for technicians and maintenance workers, bringing automation and optimization to maintenance and other vital processes.


Edima was looking for a robust and flexible solution to collect and monitor data from industrial equipment for its customer RESTORE fx. They required a PLC (programmable logic controller) that would optimize and streamline the operation of the disinfection thermal chamber.

Compatibility with different protocols (Modbus RTU, OPC-UA, and MQTT) was vital. However, only some PLC manufacturers support all protocols, some tend to encourage customers to use their own, thus limiting their options.

The customer needed a unit that would collect data from various industrial devices. At the same time, he was looking for a solution that was customizable in programming and configuration to specific requirements. It was also important that the solution adhered to industry standards, which would ensure its safe and reliable integration into existing systems.


The Unipi Gate unit proved to be the ideal solution. It provided all the necessary industrial interfaces to connect the devices while allowing for the creation of custom logic for data processing. This offered flexibility in programming to create a customized monitoring system.


The customer used the Linux operating system complemented by the Node-RED software platform. The solution can thus be seamlessly integrated into existing systems. As open-source controllers, Unipi works with a wide range of software tools, giving the user maximum freedom and flexibility. In addition, he can write his software to suit his exact needs.

The disinfection thermal chamber is designed to kill harmful insects that damage objects and goods made of organic materials. Edima Solutions developed and implemented the monitoring and control system for its customer. The solution enabled efficient collection, advanced processing, and subsequent data sending from the chamber to a centralized monitoring system.

The process involves the non-toxic extermination of insects through humidity-controlled heating. This ensures the safety of treated items and eliminates the need to use chemical disinfectants.

Unipi Gate monitors and analyses temperature and humidity in real time

One of the key features of the thermal chamber is the ability to monitor temperature and relative humidity throughout the treatment process. This minimizes the potential stress on the items being treated. The operator has the flexibility to adjust the parameters, which allows adaptation to seasonal conditions. An essential part of this system is the monitoring and control subsystem, which provides online support.

"Thanks to Unipi Gate, we can monitor and analyze critical parameters such as temperature and humidity in real-time, allowing us to react quickly and efficiently to any deviations." - Jakub Szlaur; Sales Director, Edima Solutions


Next steps

Edima Solutions plans to integrate Unipi Gate into other industrial applications. Unipi Gate has optimized the disinfection thermal chamber and could be applied in the future in different areas of industry where monitoring accuracy is critical.

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