Integration of building automation technologies with Unipi Neuron in the field of IoT

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The Czech company, which specializes in controlling smart buildings and smart homes, uses Unipi controllers as a platform for its own software solution.

The Czech company MyMight s.r.o. specializes in integration solutions, facilitating work with technologies and collected data. It is part of the GORDIC group - a leading Czech creator and supplier of information systems with comprehensive user support. MyMight s.r.o. aims to deliver reliable solutions that now and in the future meet even the most demanding security requirements.


The company’ software solution, Myjordomus, for IoT integration, remote monitoring, and control of smart buildings requires reliable controllers as its platform. However, such hardware had to meet several requirements:

  • High performance
  • Stable run without unexpected faults
  • Possibility to be installed into an electrical switchboard
  • An open platform running the Linux operating system
  • Software openness for the implementation of the company's software


After consultation and according to its requirements, the company chose Unipi units from the Neuron product line (specifically the S103 model).

"We chose it primarily for its performance, stability, and the ability to place this unit directly in the customer's switchboard."
– Margarita Kinská, Head of Marketing and Partnerships

Unipi Neuron units thus serve as a hardware platform for the integration of software solution in the field of IoT.

The company has installed this solution, for example, in a smart house in Hladké Životice, where Unipi units control and monitor:

  • Lighting of the whole household and garden
  • Indoor and outdoor sockets
  • Outdoor blinds
  • Recuperation unit
  • Home security

The Myjordomus integration solution combines all these intelligent technologies into one software that runs on the Ubuntu Core operating system with the Bridge application. Because Unipi PLCs are built on an open-source solution, the implementation of additional software was a hassle-free matter.

Controllers with software from MyMight s.r.o. are saving time and energy thanks to pre-set automatic functions that users can freely select themselves. At the same time, it allows you to control technologies inside the house and in the garden from a mobile application that also takes care of the entire security of the house.

Next steps

MyMight s.r.o. plans to expand the functionality of the Myjordomus platform and is considering the use of other Unipi products in the event of higher technical demands on controllers.

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