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UniPi programmable logic controllers are frequently used for management and monitoring in the industrial sphere. A customer from Italy is using OEM variant of the UniPi Neuron controller for brass die casting monitoring.

SCAO Informatica Srl is an Italian company that focuses on Industry 4.0 software solutions, offering its customers with a wide scale of industrial management software solutions. As a hardware solution, the company uses an OEM variant of the UniPi Neuron S103 controller. The OEM version retains the original I/O architecture (4× DI, 4× DO, 1× AI/AO, RS485 + 1-Wire), but also features custom colour as well as the logo of SCAO Informatica and a custom designation. The company praises the easy-to-use firmware and easy integration of UniPi products.

SCAO eMachina Box controller, a customized variant of Neuron S103. 

One of the projects SCAO utilizes the controllers is the monitoring of heavy brass die casting. The controller collects data from various external sensors through I/Os and RS485 interface and monitors energy consumption, hit count and other values. Resulting data is used for production monitoring and downtime tracking, using light and sound alarms to signal the production status to operating crews. From the software point of view, the company then uses its own software solution, which, aside from a wide range of other features, allows the user to track and analyse the production in real-time. Controllers can be also accessed remotely through Wi-Fi, using Modbus TCP protocol. 

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Do you also wish to get your own customized UniPi controller? All necessary info about the whole OEM manufacturing process can be found in the Neuron/Axon OEM solutions article. 


SCAO eMachina software interface

Controller installation

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