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A smart personal locker project made by one of our customers is an example of a simple, yet practical use of automation.  

A customer from the Czech Republic uses UniPi Neuron controllers for making smart personal lockers; a part of the new flexible workspace trend where employees can change their workspace as needed and can store their work tools or personal items in a smart electronic locker. 

The project, preliminarily named as Lockers, is based on electronically controlled lockers, with each locker containing an electric lock relay. One locker in each installation is then reserved for a control system consisting of a touchscreen LCD display and a reader of RFID chips. Locks are controlled by relay outputs (RO) of UniPi Neuron controllers; depending on the number of lockers, the installation can use a single Neuron M203 (14× RO), Neuron L203 (28× RO) or Neuron L403 (56× RO) controller. 

Controllers are using a custom software solution with two variants being available for customers. A personalised variant allows the user to assign each locker to a specific person by pairing the locker to the person's RFID chip. Anonymous variant then keeps all lockers freely accessible and employees can choose any free locker; in that case, each employee will enter his or her own access code to secure the selected locker.

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