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RS485/M-Bus converter - 190 (up to 190 devices)


A durable communication converter of the M-Bus industrial bus to RS485 serial interface. The device is available in four variants differing in the maximum number of connected slave devices (45, 80, 120 or 190). 

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Product's description

RS485toMBus-XL is a durable converter designed primarily to collect data from M-Bus metering devices and convert the data for the standard RS485 serial interface. Signals are converted directly without the need to set up communication parameters or adjust the messages. 

Based on the variant up to 190 M-Bus slave devices can be connected to the M-Bus interface, with the M-Bus and converter states being monitored by the converter's processor. Five LEDs are available for indication of M-Bus states and error states. The M-Bus interface features the highest class of overvoltage protection and is also protected against communication errors, inverted power supply polarity, and continuous short circuits. 

Components of the converter are encased in a durable aluminum chassis, providing the device with a high degree of mechanical durability and reducing the effect of interference. The converter is designed for standard 35 mm DIN rail installation. 

Detailed description of the product and complete technical parameters can be found in the product's datasheet (see the File tab above).


Datasheet of the product

Maximum data transfer rate 9600 bps
Overvoltage protection (RS485) TVS 600W
Overvoltage protection (M-Bus) TVS 1500W
Max. number of M-Bus slave devices 45/80/120/190 (based on the variant)
RS485 galvanic isolation >1kV (power supply, 1kV (line)
Power 12-30V DC (20-30V DC for the XL190 variant)
M-Bus galvanic isolation 1kV (power supply), 1kV (line)
Operation temperature -40°C/+70°C
Dimensions 37 × 81.5 × 107 mm (w/o connectors)
Max. input power 15W
Mounting 35mm DIN rail
Weigth 220 g (XL45, XL80), 240 g (XL120, XL190)
IP rating IP40
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