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PRO380-Mod direct smart energy meter


The PRO380-Mod is a three-phase smart energy meter for direct energy measurements with Modbus protocol support.

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Product description

The PRO380 series is a range of smart three-phase (4 DIN module size) energy meters, each with its own specific characteristics. PRO380 combines a high accuracy class (1/B) and a wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +70°C). 

The PRO380-Mod variant supports the Modbus protocol. For programming and communication with the device, an IR port can be also used. Various communication modes offer up to 60 variables like kWh, active/reactive energy, forward/reverse energy, cos phi, and others.

Included is also a resettable daily counter. The total energy usage can be calculated in five different modes.  


Detailed technical specifications can be found in the product's datasheet (see Files tab above), or on the manufacturer's website.


User manual
User manual and technical documentation

Nominal voltage 230/400 V AC (3~)
Alternating overvoltage withstand 4 kV for 60 seconds
Impulse overvoltage withstand 6 kV - 1.2µS waveform
Operating voltage 3 × 230/400V +-20%
Basic current Ib = 5 A
Operating current max. Imax = 100 A
Case material Fire-proof polycarbonate
Current range max. 0,4% Ib
Overcurrent withstand 30 Imax for 0.01 s

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