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Brief and comprehensible guide for choosing the software for your UniPi PLC. 

What you need to consider

Our products are compatible with several software platforms, some of which are developed by our team. Other platforms for automation systems are developed by third party development teams.

When choosing the right software for your controller unit, there are several questions to consider: 

  • Is the given software compatible with the control unit?
    Software developed and provided by our team is compatible with all our products, but the development of other software platforms and their compatibility with our products is a responsibility of third-party developers. If you're not sure whether or not the third-party software is compatible with our products, we recommend using our native software
  • To what extend is the software supported?
    Third-party developers provide their own documentation, manuals and support for their software. If you cannot find solution for a problem, you may post your question on their or our forum. Documentation, manuals and support for our software can be accessed either via our website, or by contacting our technical support. 
  • Open source or proprietary software?
    Open source software can be developed or edited by anyone. That means users can experiment and create their own programs and share its source code freely. Commercial software does not offer advantages of open-source solutions, they can however offer a better support, dynamic development and more user-friendly interfaces. 
  • What will be your product used for?
  • The answer here greatly depends on the specific application you want to use our product in as each software offers slightly different features and functions. For commercial projects and industrial systems is suitable a software in accordance with IEC 61131-3. For Smart Home it is good to use platforms which focuses on such application and offers convenient functions and visually appealing interface. But most importantly it always depends on your individual needs.
  • What technology are you going to use in your project?
    Each software platform may not support all the protocols, devices and third-party products. Be sure to first check the software developer and make sure the desired technology is supported.

Available software overview

Name Support Price Compatibility Features
Our software platforms
Mervis Full Paid1) UniPi 1.1, UniPi 1.1 Lite, Neuron, Axon

in accordance with IEC 61131-3, SCADA, cloud data backup, for Smart Homee applications and use in light industry

EVOK Full Free UniPi 1.1, UniPi 1.1 Lite, Neuron, Axon

it provides the basic access to individual features of the device, user can extend it with his own scripts over available API, it is suitable for developers and integration into their software

Commercial alternatives-
CODESYS Forum, external Paid UniPi 1.1, UniPi 1.1 Lite, Neuron2)

in accordance with IEC 61131-3, internationally recognized, for universal applications with a focus on industrial use

REXYGEN Forum, external Paid UniPi 1.1, UniPi 1.1 Lite

short response time, for real-time applications, suitable for use in light industry

Wyliodrin Forum, external Paid UniPi 1.1, UniPi 1.1 Lite

it provides simple visual programming, support of wide range of programming languages

HomeSeer Forum, external Paid UniPi 1.1, UniPi 1.1 Lite

focus on Smart Home automation

Open Source
Jeedom Forum, external Paid, free lite version UniPi 1.1, UniPi 1.1 Lite

free in lite version, a lot of software extensions, user-friendly, focus on home applications

FHEM Forum, external Free UniPi 1.1, UniPi 1.1 Lite, Neuron

supports a lot of protocols, suitable for interconnecting wired and wireless systems

PiDome Forum, external Free UniPi 1.1, UniPi 1.1 Lite

software platform for Smart Home residents and developers, customizable user-friendly user interface, možnosti pro pokročilé uživatele offers many possibilities for advanced users

Pimatic Forum, external Free UniPi 1.1, UniPi 1.1 Lite uinversal Smart Home software platform, a lot of software extensions
Domoticz Forum, external Free UniPi 1.1, UniPi 1.1 Lite simple and user-friendly interface, focused on Smart Home projects
DomotiGa Forum, external Free UniPi 1.1, UniPi 1.1 Lite develloper platform for Smart Home build on linux
Node-RED Forum, external Free UniPi 1.1, UniPi 1.1 Lite

tool, which allows you to easily interconnect hardware devices, program API and web services

1)Officially supported platform. Mervis IDE available for free download, UniPi Axon controllers are delivered with Mervis preinstalled. The licence request for using Mervis DB and proxy server can be either purchased separately, or is delivered along with purchased controllers (UniPi 1.1/1.1 Lite Complete kit + all models of UniPi Neuron). 
2) Compatibility with UniPi Axon is under development

IEC 61131-3

IEC 61131-3 is a part of international standard for programmmable logic controllers (PLC), which describes the software architecture and programming languages used for their control. For user already knowing the programming methods of this standard it is easier to work with an unknown platform developed in accordance with this standard.

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