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How to get digital inputs 13 and 14 working on UniPi 1.1

The cable to interconnect UniPi and RPi does not contain wires for inputs 13 and 14.

To get the inputs working you have to make a custom connection cable. Below is a picture of the P5 header on UniPi. It was design fit the RPi model B so it is the same as P5 header of RPi.

You can use any of the unused GPIOs and wire them to these two pins and of course edit the evok.conf file in order to make it work.

P5 pin description
RPI Connector PIN RPI Function UniPi P5 PIN UniPi Function
27 (GPIO28)ID_SD 5 I2C0 Data
28 (GPIO29)ID_SC 6 I2C0 Clk
29 GPIO5 3 DI13
31 GPIO6 4 DI14
x x 7 3V3
x x 8 5V
x x 1,2 GND


The GND pins are not required and 3V3 is only required when the second I2C bus is used.

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