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How to send temperature values from Unipi Gate to cloud?

Learn how to use the Unipi Gate gateway to read temperatures from 1-Wire temperature sensors and…

Neuron product line introduction

Unipi Neuron is a product line of universal programmable logic controllers (PLC) designed for…

Digital inputs 13 and 14

How to get digital inputs 13 and 14 working on Unipi 1.1

Using NodeRed and IBM Bluemix with Evok over websockets

Simple example of using NodeRed via websocket

Using digital inputs (Unipi 1)

Using digital inputs on Unipi 1

Using analog output on Unipi 1

Simple example of using analog output on Unipi 1.1

Resistance reading

How to read resistance with Unipi 1.1