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Weintek MT8051iP


Note: Production discontinued. The product is replaced by the MT8052iP.

Weintek MT8051iP HMI panel with a screen size of 4.3" is designed for visualisation of technological processes running on programmable logic controllers (PLC).


Product description

Weintek MT8051iP touchscreen HMI panel is designed for visualization of technological processes running on programmable logic controllers (PLC). The MT8051iP model features a coloured LCD screen with 4.3" screen size, LCD backlight, and high colour depth for a high level of detail.

The panel is powered by 600 MHz RISC Cortex-A8 ARM CPU with 128 MB RAM, giving the product enough performance for quick system boot. The device is also provided with an onboard 128 MB eMMC memory. For communication, two serial ports (RS485 + RS232) are present along with a single USB 2.0 port and a single 10/100 Mbit Ethernet. 

The configuration is performed via the Easy Builder PRO configuration software, which can be downloaded on this link for free. You can find the software manual in the Files tab (see above).

The product is CE-certified.

Further information

Product tutorial for the Mervis software, datasheets, EasyBuilder PRO software manual, and a sample project can be found in the Files tab (see above). 


Technological specification of the product
Mervis tutorial
Tutorial for using Weintek products in the Mervis software
EasyBuilder PRO complete manual
Complete EasyBuilder PRO SW manual


Mervis + Weintek sample project
Sample project showcasing a combination of Mervis and Weintek HMI panel

Display type TFT LCD (colour)
CPU RISC Cortex A8 (600 MHz)
Display size 4.3''
RAM 128 MB
Screen resolution 480 × 272 px
Number of colours 16.7 million
Communication interfaces RS485, RS232, USB, Ethernet
Power 24V DC (+-20%)
Disk capacity 128MB eMMC onboard memory
Dimensions 128 × 102 × 32 mm
Case material Plastic
Weigth ~250 g