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The software openness of Unipi products allows deployment to a wide range of platforms to meet the exact needs of your project.

Software development options

Your project can be built on the Mervis platform, on third-party solutions (e.g. Node-RED), or on custom software.


The complete software solution - the Mervis IDE development environment, the core of the entire solution, is suitable for users without in-depth knowledge of PLC programming thanks to its clear design and user-friendliness. Mervis also offers a professional SCADA interface, HMI editor, cloud database, and mobile app.
+ cost-effective
+ quick deployment
+ we will help with the implementation of the project
+ beneficial for small and medium projects

- less branding options
- less flexibility

Third-party solutions

An open and fully documented application programming interface (API) makes it possible to use a wide range of third-party software platforms from Node-RED to openHAB.

Custom Software

In cooperation with our partner companies, we will develop custom software solutions for you.
+ high flexibility, solution exactly according to your needs
+ custom branding

- higher costs
- development is highly time-consuming

Are you interested in a completely customized project solution?

We deliver complete project solutions from consultation, through design and production to service. More information here.

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