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Our custom project solutions include a complete process from initial consultation through design and production to service.

Process and stages of the custom solution

You can use the complete custom solution process or you can choose only some of the stages - for example, only the hardware modification.

Project consultation

We want to offer the most efficient solution for the best possible price, so we will always discuss all development options with you at the beginning.

Hardware selection and project schema

Depending on the type of project, we will select system components (control units, gateways, sensors etc.), help with the design of a complete diagram, and establish a development schedule.

Hardware development

For custom development, we start with our standard models, which we modify based on project requirements. From inputs and outputs to communication protocols and wireless technologies. All at a fraction of the cost and time compared to creating a completely new hardware platform.
Learn more about hardware development here.

Product branding

We adapt everything to your brand identity, from the product, through packaging to documentation.
Learn more about product branding here.

Software solution

Do you need software? Use our Mervis platform or let us develop your own.
Learn more about software solution here.

Realization / Installation

We will recommend an installation partner or help you install the solution correctly.

Support / Service

Premium technical support directly from the developers - phone, conference calls, or e-mail.

Benefits of a custom solution from Unipi

You choose only what you need

Our custom solution includes the complete process from consultation and design through development to service. However, if you only need hardware development or product branding, we will only do this particular stage.

Fast process and delivery

In custom development, we start from our standard models, which we modify based on your requirements. This modular approach brings lower input costs and faster development.

Software openness

Our products are based on the open Linux operating system. This allows a wide selection of software solutions, from the officially supported Mervis platform to third-party solutions and your own software.

Custom development starting even with small production batches

Product branding from 20 pieces, hardware development already from 100 pieces.

Save on your own development

Development is expensive and time-consuming, a solution built on the Unipi hardware platform is a fraction of the cost of own custom development.

Product storage

You don't have to deal with product storage. We will ship products according to your current needs (to you or your customer) from our warehouse. We store up to 12 months free of charge.

Variable batches with fixed price

Even with a smaller current batch, you still pay the same price for the product including the applied quantity discount of the total order.

Uploading and testing a custom operating system image during production

Save time during preparation and product deployment. Comes with a versioning and management system. Learn more about the custom operating system image in this article.

Solution sustainability

If specific hardware in a project is no longer manufactured, we will replace it with a new one. So you don't have to worry about having to completely change the solution after a while.


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