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21/8/2018 Last week, we announced that our new Axon S105 PLC is in stock. Today, we have even more good news - we are ready to ship out another Axon model - the Axon S205!   

You might remember Axon S205 from Meet the Axon article we published some time, in which the S205 was introduced along with its variant, the S215.  If this is the first time you hear about Axon, you can find all necessary info here

The S205, compared to our earlier products, is unique due to its architecture and dimensions. It offers 8 digital inputs and 8 relay outputs while retaining 70×60×90 mm dimensions (4 DIN modules). It thus features 16 I/Os in a compact package with excellent size-to-I/O number ratio. 

Inputs & Outputs

Digital inputs (DI) allows for detection of logic states through direct voltage. UniPi controllers detect logic value 1 if the voltage on the input is between 5-40V, and logic value 0 if the voltage is lower than 5V. That makes digital inputs suitable for reading data from binary sensors and devices such as magnetic contacts, switches, motion sensors etc. 

Relay outputs (ROof UniPi controllers are designed for up to 250V alternating voltage/30V direct voltage with 5A maximum current load. This allows the S205 to switch two-state devices - the most frequent use of RO is switching boilers, electric motors, water heaters or stronger, external relays.

Digital inputs also feature Direct Switch functions allowing for connecting digital input with relay output. Direct Switch can be configured for one of three modes: Copy (switching output by active input), Invert (output is switched by inactive input) and Toggle (output is switched by each input change). Direct Switch is independent on the control software and is thus suitable for applications demanding a lowest possible response time (such as lighting control). 

Communication interface

The S205 features a single RS485 serial line for communication with up to 256 devices, and a single 1-Wire bus. The RS485 serves for network communication with a wide variety of devices or for connection of extension modules or HMI devices. The 1-Wire bus is then designed for connecting various sensors using this bus (for example our 1-Wire sensor range).


S205, much like as all Axons is delivered with pre-installed Mervis control software. It is our officially supported professional platform for PLC programming and control, developed in accordance with the IEC 61131-3 PLC programming standard. Aside from the control software itself, Mervis also contains integrated development environment (IDE), comprehensible and easy-to-use HMI editor for creating user interfaces through graphical function blocks and SCADA interface for remote control and monitoring. And if Mervis will not suit your needs you can easily remove it and install any other supported commercial software.

Due to open-nature of the Axon, users can also use a wide range of open-source solutions. Axon is based on Debian, a distribution of OS Linux. Combined with a wide compatibility, customers can choose from many open solutions. SysFS basic interface allows the user to access I/Os at file level - this feature is especially suitable for software developers. Alternatively, our EVOK open API is available, designed to provide easy access to hardware. That allows EVOK (which is freely accessible through GitHub repository) to be compatible with any programming language available. 

Possible applications

Digital inputs and relay outputs, combined with S205's compact dimensions, makes it an ideal choice for smaller automation projects. These can include a following use of controller's I/Os. 

Digital inputs: external thermostat, flow meter, digital switches
Relay outputs: control of blinds or shutters, underfloor heating switch, switching of external relays for control of boiler, water heater and circulation pump. 
1-Wire bus: a set of temperature and humidity sensors placed both indoor and outdoor
RS485 serial line: connection of a smart energy meter
RS232 serial line: connection of a HMI device 

Next step

If you already ordered the S205, you can expect your order to be delivered within 10 workdays according to our terms of delivery. But even if you prefer to wait for other Axon models, you can order them right now. Your Axon will then be delivered immediately after restocking. We will inform you about availability of other Axon models, so stay tuned!  

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