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27/11/19 Enjoy a special Black Friday discount and save up to 30% on the purchase of all Unipi controllers and extension modules! 

Do you wonder about a suitable Christmas gift while planning to launch another automation project at the same time? Now is the time to combine business with pleasure! 

From Wednesday, 27th November to Sunday, 1st December 2019 you can purchase Unipi Neuron, Axon, Unipi 1.1 controllers and Unipi Extension modules with a Black Friday discount of up to 30%!

The discounts last only for a few days, so don't hesitate, visit our e-shop and get yourself some smart Christmas gifts for you or your loved ones! 

Note: The discount applies to controllers only, eg. the price of accessories remains unchanged. The discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or specials. 

Highlighted Unipi products

Unipi Neuron M303

M303's architecture is focused on digital inputs and features 34 DIs. Combined with a set of digital outputs and a single analogue I/O the M303 offers a total of 40 I/Os, giving it an excellent price to I/O count ratio. 
Original price: €369
Discount price: €258.30

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Unipi Neuron S103

The S103 is the basic and at the same time the most versatile controller from the whole Unipi Neuron product line. In a compact 4 DIN chassis it features a total of 10 I/O, RS485 serial interface, a 1-Wire bus and other features. 

Original price: €239
Discount price: €191.20

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Unipi 1.1

If your project requires a simple, cheap, yet powerful PLC, the Unipi 1.1 is an ideal choice. This extension board for the Raspberry Pi computer features a set of digital inputs, relay outputs and analogue I/Os and can be purchased both individually and in a handy complete set containing everything necessary for a quick set-up. 
Original price: €149
Discount price: €119.20

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Unipi Axon S105

The Axon S105 represents the most versatile variant of the entire Unipi Axon product line, featuring 10 I/Os, a 1Gbit Ethernet and three serial interfaces (RS485+RS232) along with a 1-Wire bus; all of this in a compact 4 DIN package. 
Original price: €319
Discount price: €271.15

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Unipi Extension xS10

Unipi Extension modules are a perfect choice if you need a cheap and simple way to extend your automation network by additional I/Os without the need to purchase another PLC. The xS10 model allows you to enlarge your project by 16 DIs and 8 ROs
Original price: €159
Discount price: €127.20

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