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28/2/19 We are well aware of the fact that the majority of success is dependent on reliable partners. That is why we are launching a brand-new partnership programme

Partnership with will bring you a wide range of benefits such as a promotion of your company on the UniPi website, connection with other companies in the field, new customer acquisition and many more. That said, we bring you a brief overview of basic information about the programme. 

Who is the partnership programme intended for?

UniPi partnership programme was created for both public and non-public partners. If you wish to be a public partner, contact details and the logo of your company will be published on website, allowing you to easily promote your business. If you, however, want to become a non-public partner, our cooperation will not be published in any way. Either way, all partnership benefits apply for both types of partnership.

What kind of partners do we look for?

  1. installation companies
  2. suppliers of automation solutions for IoT/IIoT
  3. custom hardware/software developers
  4. resellers and distributors
  5. schools, universities and other educational institutions
  6. developers, project designers, architects and construction companies

Which partnership levels are available?

Our partners are offered with the option to become either Gold, Platinum or Diamond partners. All these categories contain a wide range of benefits and bonuses such as priority for complaint procedures, assistance with choosing the right hardware, free cloud database and many more. The higher the partnership level, the more benefits will be accessible to you

Installation companies using the Mervis

Do your projects utilize Mervis, our officially supported software platform? We will offer you the option to attend our regularly held Mervis training courses or to use our online certification programme through purchasing a special certification kit. Becoming a certified Mervis partner will allow you to apply for higher partnership levels as well as to acquire new customers. 

Further information

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