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16.04.2019 Are you software developers searching for suitable hardware for your solutions? Are you looking for a controller to be implemented into your already existing projects? Do you plan to provide the UniPi hardware to your customers as a part of your complete solution?

The UniPi OEM programme was created as an answer to these questions. From 20 pieces MOQ (minimum order quantity), the OEM programme allows you to customize the UniPi hardware and tailor it to your needs. We can offer you graphic customization of controller chassis as well as custom hardware development. Due to the open nature of our software, you can seamlessly integrate UniPi controllers into existing systems and solutions. 

Graphic design customization

UniPi Neuron and UniPi Axon controllers feature a durable aluminium chassis (IP20 protection). During the manufacturing process, a chosen colour is applied to the bare metal chassis with labels and graphics features etched by a highly precise laser afterwards. This method offers you wide possibilities for graphic customization of our hardware. 

The customer can specify both the colour and graphics features. The colour can be picked from a RAL colour chart (such as this one) with the customer choosing the specific RAL code suited to his or her needs. Regarding graphic design, all you need to do is to send us source data and we will take care of the rest. As a result, you can get a controller in your chosen colour, with your custom branding and your model designation if needed. Colour and graphics customization is thus a perfect choice for companies planning to offer the UniPi hardware as a part of their complete solutions or as a hardware platform for developed software. 

Aside from the controller itself, you can also customize its accessories. By default, all UniPi controllers are packed in a blue paper package with branding, containing a user manual and manufacture stickers with unique QR codes. All these items can be customized per your request - in the end, you can thus design a whole product package with the logo of your company, under your own model name and in colour of your choice. As an alternative, the controller and its package can be shipped in blank white design without any logos. 

Custom hardware development

Aside from the graphics customization the OEM programme also allows customization of hardware architecture. You can choose from two computing modules serving as a core of each controller. The first option is the Raspberry Pi computer with 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU and 1 GB RAM (which the UniPi Neuron line is based on); this computing module is suitable for smart home projects, commercial buildings automation and smaller industrial projects. The second option is an industrial computer powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core ARM CPU and featuring extended temperature range and onboard 8GB eMMC memory. This module, serving as a basis for the UniPi Axon line, is designed primarily for industrial automation projects or photovoltaic powerplants control but can be also successfully used in smart home automation. 

Both Neuron and Axon controllers feature a highly modular construction in which boards with inputs, outputs or communication interfaces can be freely combined or swapped. You can thus choose from default models, create a new combination of existing components or custom-develop a brand-new PCB with I/O combination of your own design. 

Inputs & Outputs: Digital I/Os, analogue I/Os, relay outputs
Communication interfaces: RS485, RS232, 1-Wire bus, IEC 62386 (DALI-compatible), M-bus

Open software solution

The basic UniPi controller software is based on a customized variant of the open Linux OS. Thanks to this feature UniPi controllers are compatible with a wide array of software platforms ranging from commercial solutions to the possibility of using custom code. If you are already using some software solution or you utilize your own software platform, you do not need to worry about purchasing expensive gateways or transferring your project to another software platform. Thanks to our fully documented Software Development Kit (SDK) you can seamlessly integrate the UniPi hardware into your existing projects. The SDK contains a set of methods for accessing all individual peripherals of UniPi controllers (I/Os, communication interfaces and buses) from a custom application. This application can be run locally on the controller itself or remotely on a device embedded into a distributed control system. The basic method is the widely supported Modbus TCP protocol which is supported by default by all UniPi controllers. Another option is the EVOK server implementing the most frequently used web service forms - REST, SOAP, RPC or WebSocket. the SysFS driver is then designed for local user applications in which it enables access to peripherals through the file structure. 

Aside from the custom code, you can also use one of the supported software platforms. UniPi Neuron and UniPi Axon controller are shipped with Mervis system included in the product price; a professional user-friendly platform developed in accordance with the IEC61131-3 standard for PLC programming which allows programming controller behaviour without any deep knowledge of programming. Mervis aside, UniPi PLCs are also compatible with other solutions, both commercial (CODESYS, REXYGEN) and open source (FHEM, Node-RED, Homebridge and more). For the complete list of compatible software visit the UniPi Knowledge Base

Join the ranks of our satisfied customers

Neuron/Axon OEM programme represents a tried and tested product used by a large number of customers all over the world. 

The Photon Energy company, a provided or complex service in the field of photovoltaics who manages more than 60 solar powerplants in six different countries, is using an OEM variant of the UniPi Axon S115 controller to control and monitor solar powerplants remotely. 

Merz, a Czech-based company focusing on manufacture information systems, is using the customized UniPi Neuron S103 controller as a hardware solution for its Merz OEE system designed for measuring the effectivity of industrial machinery. SCAO, an Italian company, then uses its own Neuron S103 variant for a very similar purpose. 

AIT Partnership Group, a British group of companies, provides automation solutions for companies such as UPS, General Dynamics or Virgin Media. As a hardware solution for its SMARTset custom-made SCADA platform, the group chose the customized UniPi Neuron M103 controller. 

The Sauter AG Swiss-based company is one of the leading distributors of building automation technologies, services and solutions. As a part of its lineup, the company also offers customized UniPi Neuron S103 controllers featuring an in-built BACnet communication protocol. This protocol represents one of the most frequently used automation protocols to interconnect various components of automation systems. 

Bryx, a US-based company developing communication software for emergency services, ordered a custom variant of the UniPi Axon S205 controller. These controllers are now being utilized in a fire station automation project, where UniPi controllers allow for a faster response to emergency calls and contribute to saving lives by decreasing the time on arrival. 

Are you interested in the OEM programme?

The process of obtaining UniPi controller in your own design is very straightforward.

1. Choose your colour: Choose a RAL colour according to your needs by its RAL code. We recommend choosing a colour contrasting with the base metal colour to make the labelling more visible. 
2. Graphics customization: graphic elements are represented by logos, symbols or model designations. Your designs should be sent either in .ai format or as a vector PDF file. 
3. Sending the source data: Send your source data to the e-mail or use our online OEM form

After processing your data we will send you the design for your review. Upon your approval, the data will be then sent for manufacturing with the complete prototype being delivered within three weeks. All you need to do afterwards is to order bulk production; the production will take up to 8 weeks from payment and confirmation to shipping. 

Detailed info about the whole process can be found in the step-by-step OEM manual. 

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