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26/2/2020 New design, same advantages. The well-liked 1W-T-IB and 1W-TH-IB compact 1-Wire sensors received their successors in the form of 1W-T-IB2 and 1W-TH-IB2 models. 

The 1W-T-IB a 1W-TH-IB 1-Wire on-wall sensors for measuring indoor temperature and/or relative air humidity became a well-liked part of the Unipi product range to their combination of compact size, favourable price and easy installation. However, as we constantly strive to improve and develop our products, the second generation of these practical sensors was introduced, represented by the 1W-T-IB2 and 1W-TH-IB2 models.  

1W-T-IB2 1W-TH-IB2
Sensor type: DS18B20

Temperature measuring range:
-30 °C / +100 °C (accuraccy +-1 °C)
-10 °C / +55 °C (acuraccy +-0,5 °C)
Size: 100 × 100 × 25 mm
Installation: on-wall (KU68 inst. box):
Box material: ABS plastic (IP30)

Sensor types: DS18B20 + DS2438
Temperature measuring range:
 -30 °C / +100 °C (accuraccy +-1 °C)
-10 °C / +55 °C (acuraccy +-0,5 °C)
Humidity measuring range:
11% / 89% RH
Size: 100 × 100 × 25 mm
Installation: on-wall (KU68 inst. box):
Box material: ABS plastic (IP30)

Display on the e-shop

Display on the e-shop

What is new?

The most visible improvements is a new design of the plastic box, which, aside from more aesthetic looks, simplifies access to the sensor itself. The sensor's circuit board was also modified - it is now notably smaller and does not have to be removed during connection of 1-Wire conductors. Furthermore, the original spring terminal was replaced by a conventional screw terminal. 

What stays the same?

The functionality is identical to the preceding models. The new sensors can be used to read temperature and/or relative air humidity in building interiors, making them suitable for use in households, commercial buildings, schools etc. The sensors are designed for an on-wall installation onto the KU68 installation box. 

From the software point of view, the sensors are fully compatible with the Mervis platform as well as with the EVOK open-source API. More detailed info about available software can be found on the Unipi Knowledge Base. 

Usage with Unipi controllers

If you plan to connect only a single sensor to a Unipi controller, you can connect it via a 3-pin screw terminal available on all Unipi Neuron controllers and the selected Unipi Axon models. If you need to collect data from multiple 1-Wire sensors, we recommend connecting the sensor via RJ45 connector either to the 2-port splitter or the 8-port 1-Wire hub

Connection schematic 

3-pin terminal RJ45 connector

Additional info

The 1W-T-IB2 and 1W-TH-IB2 sensors are already in stock and ready for orders on our e-shop. However, the replaced 1W-T-IB and 1W-TH-IB models have been discontinued, and the sensors will only be available while in stock.

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