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16/10/2018 Great news for all Mervis users. A new Mervis version was officially released, bringing you several improvements.

What is Mervis?

Mervis is the main supported software solution for UniPi programmable logic controllers (PLC), developed in accordance with the IEC 61131-3 PLC programming standard. The software consists of IDE development tool, Mervis RT runtime and also SCADA interface for remote control and management of your system. Mervis can be used even by beginners thanks to a user-friendly function block diagram (FBD) programming, while the HMI editor allows you to create your own web interface for remote control of your system through your computer, tablet or smartphone.)

New features

The most significant change is the integrated HMI editor. In previous versions, the editor was used as a stand-alone application; in the new release, the editor is now integrated directly into Mervis IDE. That makes the process of creating new HMIs much faster and easier.

The HMI editor

Changes were made also in the Configure UniPi feature used for configuration of all input/output features on UniPi controllers (such as Master Watchdog, PWM, Debounce, Direct Switch etc.). In the previous version the configuration was performed on the data point level; now, you can manage I/O functionality on the prototype level.

Showcase of the FBD programming interface

Three additional changes in variable management were also incorporated. Saving long-term data into the IDE is now easier - in the new version, you can also export the data into a .csv file. The second improvement lies in the option to assign default values to variables, allowing you to set variable value even without receiving data from external devices. The third change is the addition of a variable search engine for looking up any individual variable and all of its uses. All these features come with a small gift from developers - a new optional dark visual theme

New visual theme

Mervis on UniPi controllers

Mervis can be used for free on all UniPi controllers. On the UniPi Neuron and the UniPi 1.1, the software has to be downloaded from our Knowledge Base and burned to an SD card according to the user manual. The UniPi Axon product line then comes with Mervis already installed. All Axon and Neuron models are delivered with a Mervis license for the access to the proxy server and Mervis DB cloud database. Regarding the UniPi 1.1, the license is included only in the complete set; the license for the basic set and the stand-alone UniPi 1.1 board must be purchased separately.

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