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26/11/19 A Mervis training course took place between 19th and 20th November 2019 in the Radešín Balloon Hotel. At the same time the team would like to invite you to another training course term in November 2019. 

Between 19th and 20th November 2019 a Mervis training course took place in the Radešín Balloon Hotel, during which the attendees had the chance to familiarize themselves with the Mervis - an official SW platform for programming Unipi programmable logic controllers. The November course was the last 2019 term. 

On Tuesday 19th November, attendees of the basic training course were introduced into basics of the Mervis IDE and, under supervision of lecturers, created a simple heating control program with a week scheduler. By creating this project, the attendees learned how to connect Unipi hardware to Mervis IDE, how to create a basic control logic by using the FBD programming method and how to visualize it through a simple HMI web interface. 

On the following day, the advanced Mervis course took place, focusing on more advanced Mervis features such as the SSCP communication protocol or advanced HMI editor functions. Under the lecturer's guidance the attendees, being experienced Mervis users themselves, created an advanced energy meter project that used SSCP for reading values from a virtual energy meter and calculated current energy consumption, monthly energy consumption and the resulting fees. Aside from this functionality the project also included a simple predictive logic and an energy budget exceeding alarm.  

During both courses, the attendees were provided with a special training kit consisting of Unipi Axon S105 controller and Unipi Extension xS50 extension module that controlled a pair of relays, a LED, a potentiometer, a resistance thermometer and a single 1-Wire thermometer. After each course the Unipi developers were available for questions and consulting, each attendee also received a paper certificate.

Invitation to a Mervis training course in the February 2020

Along with the October training course summary, the Unipi team would like to invite you to the November training course - the last Mervis course in 2019. 

Course terms: 
- 11th February 2020 (Mervis basic course)
- 20th February 2020 (Mervis advanced course)

Note: Both courses are in Czech language only

Tuesday, 11th February: Basic Mervis course
A course for newcomers or users with basic knowledge of Mervis. During the lecture, attendees learn to connect the hardware with Mervis, accustom themselves with the Mervis IDE and learn the basics of FBD programming. Basic HMI user interface creation course is also included, along with basic Mervis DB course.

Wednesday, 12th February: Advanced Mervis course
The advanced course is intended for experienced Mervis users who wish to explore advanced features of Mervis. The course consists of four main topics: 

  1. working with the SSCP protocol, communication between Mervis IDE and PLC, communication between two separate PLCs
  2. advanced HMI interface course (advanced editing techniques, creation of customized designs etc.)
  3. function block libraries (working with default libraries, creation and management of custom libraries etc.

After each course members of the team will be available for personal consultations. Each attendee will also receive a printed certificate. 


If you are interested in the advanced course, please send us an e-mail to

We're looking forward to meeting you team

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Photo from the November course

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