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15.12.2021 Looking back on 2021 in an interview with Adam Škorpík the CSO of Unipi technology and insight into the upcoming news. See what you can look forward to.

How would you evaluate the year 2021?

I think it was a very successful year. We managed to complete the development of Unipi Zulu, our SBC, and this changed the game rules for us. From a company that develops systems based on third-party processor units, we have moved to the level of other SBCs manufacturers. To the level of companies that already develop their own processor parts, and thanks to that, we now have everything we offer in our hands. Establishing cooperation with NXP also opens new opportunities and markets for us in the future.

Besides we managed to significantly expand the custom development section, innovate a large number of steps and speed up the whole process. We already ship our units to five continents. But from our customer's point of view, we are still trying to produce locally in the Czech Republic, within Europe. I see this as our great potential in terms of long-term sustainability and development strategy.

What do you see as the greatest success?

Definitely the Zulu. Becoming an SBC manufacturer is a big step for us, launching us among companies such as the Raspberry Pi Foundation and other established companies in the SBC/SOM market.

What was the biggest challenge of the past year for you?

The world, technology, it’s all moving forward with incredible speed, and we want to keep up. However, there is currently a major component crisis, so we must ensure sufficient capacity. Fortunately, thanks to standardized cross-platform development, we are able to replace outages with alternative solutions.

You mentioned multiplatform development, is that what’s coming in 2022?

Exactly. Thanks to the fact, that we design and manufacture the Unipi Zulu, we have decided to build a modular platform, Unipi Iris, which we will launch in 2022. We wanted companies and developers to use it as a platform for deployment in standard applications, but also in applications with high demands on combinations of various technologies. So they do not have to focus on hardware and thus could move further in their projects.

Because Unipi Iris is designed as a modular platform, we will develop only those modules that customers truly need. Thanks to these plug-in modules, it is also a fast and cheap development. This will, of course, take the custom development section to the next level.

We are also working on the finalization of a complete Mervis software solution applicable to projects of any size. I am now talking about a whole management system for the complete administration of projects. This means that in addition to the hardware, our PLCs, we will not only provide software - IDE, Runtime, and support, but we are also preparing an administration portal for our SCADA solutions. We wanted it to be a truly complete solution that would offer our customers the maximum, which is why we will be launching Unipi Academy. Learning platform with courses, instructions, and training related to the Mervis solution and including all Mervis Cloud and SCADA services.

We will also expand our support in the open-source section in the form of deploying solutions such as Balena or Mender for remote software update and management of your device fleets.

If you are interested in what we do, or you want to develop your projects with us and move your ideas forward do not hesitate to contact us and we will certainly come up with a solution.

Contact us at info@unipi.technology.

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