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Brief and comprehensive table of differences between UniPi Neuron and UniPi Axon. 

Basic features

Unipi Neuron Unipi Axon
CPU: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B CPU: Industrial computer
Linux-based open system Linux-based open system
HDMI extended temperature range
aluminium case (IP20 cover) aluminium case (IP20 cover)
integrated DIN rail holder integrated DIN rail holder
- enhanced flexibility

Computing module

Module type Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Industrial computer
CPU quad-core 1.2 GHz  quad-core Allwinner H5 (ARM)
1.2 GHz 
Memory microSD memory card onboard 8GB eMMC memory

Communication interfaces

RS485 line Standard equipment (up to 3x) Default equipment (up to 4x)
RS232 line No Yes (on S155, S215, S515, S605 and M515)
Ethernet 1× 10/100Mbit by default 1× 1Gbit by default (second Ethernet on the S155)
USB 4× USB 2.0 2× USB 2.0
1-Wire bus Yes (standard equipment) Yes (all models excluding S215, S515, S605 and M515)
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Yes Yes

Model highlights

S103-GGPRS/GSM module S1154× RS485 line
S103-IQRF: smart IQRF transceiver S1552× Ethernet (1Gbit + 10/100Mbit)
L30364 digital inputs S205/2158 DI + 8 RO
L403: 56 relay outputs S505/5158 analogue I/O
L513: 3× RS485 + 18 analog I/Os S6054× IEC 62386 (DALI-compatible)

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