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Many customers have already used the custom manufacturing option within the UniPi OEM programme.One of the latest projects incorporating the OEM variant of UniPi hardware is the newly built International Olympic Committee headquarters in Lausanne. 

Weble is a Swiss software company focusing on the development of software solutions for the IoT sphere and implementation of automation solutions. The flagship product of Weble is the Weble IoT Gateway platform for control and monitoring of automation projects. The platform contains a logic module for configuration of automation systems, monitoring module to record and track the activity in automation projects and a connect module allowing the user to monitor and configure projects both locally and remotely.

Primary communication protocols used by the platform are Modbus TCP/RTU, KNX IP, Bacnet IP/MSTP and MQTT. The most recent project the platform was used in, is the International Olympic Committee headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. Weble IoT Gateway software is utilized here to control smart lighting, shutter and blinds, using the KNX protocol. From a hardware point of view, the project uses UniPi Neuron S103 with custom Weble branding and in custom colour.

Fifteen of these controllers are located through the building, collecting data from an extensive suite of sensors and processing them for the purpose of control and monitoring. The hypervision of the building developed by Weble runs in redundancy on a pair of servers. The system permits to logs and control all variables of lighting, shutters and blinds with a modern HTML5 user interface.

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